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by posted 04/21/2021
Covid 19 Game Play

Covid 19/Game Guidelines

Chelmsford Youth Baseball is issuing the following guidelines for team games. These guidelines are in accordance with The State of Massachusetts Covid-19 Order 66 Phase 4 Step 1. These guidelines are subject to revision as additional information or requirements become available.

  1. Facial coverings are required to be worn by all participants during active play. Facial coverings shall be worn on the bench or sidelines at all times and in any huddles or time outs from active plays. Participants should take frequent facial covering breaks when they are out of proximity of other players.
  2. Players, coaches, or spectators not feeling well shall not attend practices or games.
  3. Players and coaches shall bring their own hand sanitizer.
  4. Players and coaches shall sanitize their hands prior to the start of practices or games.
  5. Players and Coaches shall supply their own marked water bottle or sports drink. No team, dugout or communal coolers are allowed. Personal gear and water bottles shall be stored outside the dugout. Water breaks should be taken outside the playing area.
  6. Players shall provide their own personal playing equipment. Players shall not share personal playing equipment including batting helmets, gloves, water bottles and bats.
  7. The league will supply sanitizer for team catchers gear and umpire gear on each field. Team catchers gear and umpire gear shall be sanitized at the end of each practice/game session or when catchers are changed during a game. When possible, catchers should wear their own gear.
  8. Use of the dugouts will be allowed during practices where social distancing can be maintained. Players should store their equipment along the fence in the out of play/foul territory area at a distance that allows for social distancing.
  9. Dugouts will be used during games when social distancing can be maintained. Players not playing the field or batting shall sit outside the playing field where social distancing can not be maintained in the dugout.
  10. No celebrations/handshaking. Players and coaches should refrain from high fives. At the conclusion of the game players will line up socially distanced on the foul line and tip their cap to the opponent.
  11. The CYB Board of Directors have decided the refreshment stand and bathrooms will not be open at the beginning of the season. We will revisit this as the metrics improve.
  12. CYB Board members will review these guidelines with managers before the first games at the fields.  
  13. Umpires- There will be two umpires per game. One umpire behind the plate and one umpire on the bases. Umpires shall wear face coverings.
  14. Pre-game batting practice will be permitted. A schedule will be published and distributed by the league vice presidents.
  15. Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your scheduled game. Vacate the field/parking lots immediately after the conclusion of your game.

CYB Board of Directors


by posted 04/15/2021
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