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The Rules about Age
as Defined by Youth Baseball

The division(s) in which a child may play is determined by his/her age as defined by Cal Ripken League and Babe Ruth League rules. Those rules state that the League Age is determined by the child's age on April 30th of the baseball season. A child born on or after May 1 is one League year younger than a child born before May 1.

All youth baseball leagues take age issues very seriously to assure fair and safe play. Therefore, when your child initially enters Chelmsford Youth Baseball, we are required to verify the child's age by birth certificate or other valid documents, such as a passport.


Be aware that Cal Ripken League and Babe Ruth League rules allow very little flexibility on matters of age. That means that it is never possible to allow a child play in any division for which he or she is too old or too young according to League rules.