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By Drew Donoghue, 06/15/24, 7:45PM EDT


Scully, Fitts, and Lupien have their new controllers installed. This means all scoreboards can be controlled via an app on your phone. Please follow the instructions listed within this article.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

How To Control Scoreboard From Your Phone


1) Download the “DAK Score” app

2) Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on & open the app

3) Make sure to allow connections to nearby devices if prompted

4) Select the Device for the field you are on

5) App should prompt you to turn on the Scoreboard a. If it does not, you can use the menu in the top left corner to do so

6) When game is over, be sure to Disconnect & Turn Off Scoreboard  

a.You can do this from the menu in the top left corner

b. Failure to do so will prevent others from using scoreboard in future


Additional information can be found under the Documents tab under 'Home'. Scroll down to Scoreboard Instructions.