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New CYB Umpire Website Instructions

By Drew Donoghue, 08/30/23, 12:45PM EDT


Please read this article if you are an existing Umpire with the league and need help getting set up on the new Umpire Website in advance of next season.

If you are an existing umpire with the league, please refer to the instructions below or that you received in an email from me, so as to get set up on the new umpire-specific website.


If you have an interest in becoming an umpire for the next season, I encourage you to follow one of the following paths:

1. Prospective new umpires (at least 13 years or older) should wait for the announcement of Umpire Classes in the late winter/early spring of next year. There you will be taught how to umpire and helped with getting set up on the new site.

2. Experienced Adult Umpires who have not worked with the league before, please reach out to Mike Donoghue with your interest and experience.

Referee Schedule Instructions

1. Go to

2. Authorization Code: (Please email me for the code

3. Click 'Yes'

4. Fill out all required information to create your account    (I suggest typing it all in manually, autofill sometimes sets off the built-in Robot captcha protection)

5. Once you've done so, I will go in and assign you to the proper Umpire positions you are cleared to do

When we get to the Spring Season next year, there will be more instructions on how to actually pick and accept game assignments. For now, we just want to get you all started on moving to the site